"The Dead Skunk" (Alternate history)

Here is an ongoing timeline I'm doing for AlternateHistory.com. It begins with a British general in the War of 1812 making a different decision that will greatly complicate the war. Specifically, it leads to him capturing the city of New Orleans for the British just as the U.S. and U.K. are signing the Treaty of Ghent. This will set off a course of events that will ultimately change the whole world.

Some sword & sorcery stuff

Another idea I've been working on involves a boy who gets turned into a demon and ends up under the control of an evil wizard. The stories which will be presented here aren't about him, but are set in the same world, except for one which isn't.

Irene J. Harris and Justin Rosewood

Sometimes a writer gets characters stuck in his head and doesn't know exactly what to do with them. These stories are about Justin Rosewood, an independent filmmaker with a taste for the extreme, and his friend Irene J. Harris, a dressmaker with a severe case of gigantism. (Height: 7'9". Weight: Ask her and you die… actually, it goes up and down, but she never lets it get above 400. Favorite color: Snowshadow blue, but she doesn't wear it — she's more of an autumn. Turn-ons: Fine wine, expensive cheeses, really good lentil soup and the smell of pine trees. Turn-offs: Humidity, processed cheese, ceiling fans, bathroom stalls, compact cars, stairwells, the entire airline industry, historic buildings over 200 years old, the phrase "How's the weather up there?" and men with small hands.)

The Life and Times of a Great Big Baby

Field Trip to the Morgue

The Fine Art of Pretending to Be what you Don't Want Other People to Think you Are

From Rieseland to L.A. by Modified Car

Punch Line


Problems Worse than Mine

My Very First Dysfunctional Thanksgiving

You Think You Hate Holiday Travel?

Justin Rosewood and the Half-Baked 'Prints'

Other other writings

Meet the brilliant and totally-not-a-psychopath Sandra Symcox.

Fiendlike Queen, The Waitress and the Hooded Man

This is something I submitted to the Delmarva Review.

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(This is the most disturbing thing I've ever written.)